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AmeriMerchant Merchant Cash Advance Program

AmeriMerchant was founded in 2002 and has evolved into a leading provider of merchant cash advances, sometimes called a business cash advance.  We are a direct funding source that supplies working capital nationwide to retailers, restaurants, and many other types of merchants. Unlike several other merchant cash advance companies that outsource many of their processes, customers work only through us, at each and every step of the process.
Our 80+ person office is headquarters for our team of in-house underwriters, sales support, tech support, and customer service representatives here to assist you every step of the way.

AmeriMerchant has been featured in many publications including, but not limited to: Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Response, DM News as well as several trade and area business journals.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

  • A merchant cash advance is a way to provide working capital to a business by purchasing their future credit / debit card sales from their customers.
  • We are buying a merchant’s future credit / debit card sales today at a discount. We advance them $X for the right to buy back $Y worth of their future sales. We do this by taking a small % of their future credit card sales going forward until the advance is paid off. We typically pay 74¢ for each future credit / debit card receivable purchased.
  • We typically will advance up to one months worth of a merchant’s credit card receivables (or roughly 100% of their volume). The amount advanced ultimately is based upon not only the merchant’s credit card sales, but also their overall total sales.
  • To protect the merchant’s cash flow, we like to take less than 20% of a merchant’s future credit card sales until we collect the amount of future credit / debit card receivables purchased. And as an additional safeguard to the merchant, we will not take out more than 10% of the business’ total gross sales.

Merchant Pre-Qualifications For Cash Advance:

  • Process at least $5,000 per month in Visa/MasterCard/Debit/Discover sales from their customers
  • Credit cards processed daily
  • Immediate delivery of goods and/or services to the customer (no future delivery)
  • Cards are swiped in person at the place of business
  • Brick and Mortar locations
  • Merchant owns their inventory (no drop shipping)
  • Batches out their terminal at least 10-15 times per month


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